About Us

PNM GLOBAL GROUP is a global management consulting firm specializing in developing great leaders who are serious about growing their business, serving their people, and achieving higher profit margins. At PNM Global Group, our business is to help you clarify, simplify and achieve your vision.  We know from our deep and broad experience that great businesses are inspired by ideas and a compelling vision that move people to action.

  • We help you identify the “gap-opportunities” in the marketplace. 
  • We guide you to a clear vision of the future and to take powerful action that leads to increased sales, improved performance and extraordinary results.
  • We work with senior leaders, C-level executives, professionals and teams in businesses of all sizes from entrepreneurs launching their business to Fortune 500 companies looking to improve performance, sales and profitability.
  • We’ve provided consulting services for real estate agents, brokerages, developers, hospitality and spa services firms who serve affluent, luxury, lifestyle and resort clients. 

While our primary focus is real estate, project development and fine art’s industries we’ve also provided consulting services for investment capital groups, hedge-funds, pension groups, energy and technology companies. PNM Global group is recognized for creating successful, lasting relationships, delivering value that exceeds expectations and leveraging the power of play for sustainable results. With 30 years of combined experience specializing in various credit facilities, PNM Global Group works directly with clients and brokers to develop a strategy that meets their goals. Our offices and relationships span from the West Coast of the United States to Eastern Europe; Allowing us to tend to the needs of clients from all across the globe. 


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