PNM Global Group deals with clients from all over the world. Due to the size of our client base, we have displayed our procedures and forms on this site to assist you moving to the next step. By taking just a few moments to get familiarized with our process, you will save valuable time and gain insight for an accurate expectation of our services. We kindly ask that you provide the most accurate information and treat this process with type of attention you would expect from us. Feel confident that we understand the importance of your transaction as it deals with sensitive financial matters.

On this page you will see two documents we require in order to proceed. The first is our “Request Letter” that serves as an application explaining your request. We also require a “Client Agreement” to be filled out. These two documents can be emailed to us after you have inputted an inquiry on our “Contact Us” page and have received a call from one of our experienced agents.

You will also be asked to provide your company’s Articles of Incorporation, color copy of passport and proof of ability to pay the arrangement fee. Our legal department requires these items in order for us  to engage in a relationship with you and create contracts. In certain cases when SWIFT messages are requested, we will require your SWIFT verbiage and receiving coordinates.

For most of our services, a third party escrow may be used to manage the transaction. Please note, however for our SWIFT Messaging Service, the fees are upfront for the fact that we are obligated to pay the institutions used for relaying the messages prior to transmission

Client submits:
Client Agreement
Request Letter
Articles of Incorporation
Color copy of passport
SWIFT information
Proof of ability to pay


  • Once documents are received and accepted client will receive contract and payment agreement within 48hrs
  • Thereafter client executes contracts and payment according to agreements and the service is rendered accordingly.


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